Visitor numbers rocket after Twycross Zoo opens Gibbon Forest

In the first 12 days since the opening of Gibbon Forest, an innovative £2million gibbon habitat, over 18,000 people have visited the new attraction at Twycross Zoo.

On several days during half-term week, the number of visitors doubled the zoo’s expectations, proving the new Gibbon Forest to be spectacularly successful in attracting visitors.

Compared to half-term in February 2015, almost 5,000 extra visitors filed into Twycross Zoo this year, representing an impressive increase of 38.5%. The final count revealed that between 13th and 21st February 2016, the number of visitors totalled 17,441.

While school half-term holidays and good weather conditions always play an important role, the rapid increase in visitors is without much doubt the result of improved marketing and investment in the zoo. Gibbon Forest is one of the largest gibbon facilities in Europe, covering about 4,000 square metres (nearly an acre) and ten times larger than the primates’ previous enclosure.

Home to the most diverse collection of gibbons in the UK, the special design of Gibbon Forest replicates the natural forest environment of gibbons, as well as providing an exciting new experience for visitors. Entering the building at first floor level, visitors are brought close to the gibbons, who are known to live high up in trees. Visitors can enjoy watching the gibbons move through the climbing structures in their enclosures with remarkable ease and speed.

Dr Sharon Redrobe, Chief Executive at Twycross Zoo says: “After launching our £55million Masterplan last year, it is great to see that long-term investment in animal habitats and visitor facilities is already proving successful. Gibbon Forest is the first significant development in our Masterplan portfolio of projects and it follows investment in a new giraffe house, wet play area and resurfaced paths in 2015. We are continuing to improve the zoo with a £250,000 project underway to resurface two of our larger car parks and we will shortly begin work on a refurbishment in our main retail outlet. The record number of visitors last week and their positive feedback on our new developments is confirmation that that we are moving in the right direction.”