Visitor 3 million – the search is on

The National Space Centre opened its doors to the public in 2001. Since that date the attraction has welcomed just under 3 million visitors, so the Centre is now looking for that very special person to step onto the launch pad.

In the past 14 years the Centre has seen many changes, including the addition of two growing business units, the multi-award winning NSC Creative, who make fulldome planetarium shows, which are currently showing in over 40 countries throughout the world and the National Space Academy, whose work with students, universities and industry is leading the way in supporting the next generation of scientists and engineers.

In addition to this the Centre has welcomed many special guests over the years, including astronauts, pop stars, film icons and even royalty. It has been the backdrop for films and even a very special wedding, created by a fantastically geeky Groom. It is the home to the UK’s largest planetarium, the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, opened by the man himself, as well as rockets, satellites, spacecraft, meteorites, a piece of the Moon and even a dog spacesuit.

As the Centre completes the latest development, with the expansion of the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, a brand new Boosters Cafe and a larger and more efficient ticketing zone, they also turn their attention to finding one very special (and very lucky) person - VISITOR 3 MILLION.

The 3 millionth visitor is anticipated to step through the doors of the Centre over the Easter period and will be given a choice of three gifts to choose from, by way of a thank you from the National Space Centre team:

• PRIZE 1 - THE SATURN* Take your friends on a mission to save the Earth in the Challenger Learning Centre. A simulated space mission, suitable for adults, children and families.

• PRIZE 2 - THE MOON* Sit back in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium and enjoy a private screening of your favourite film.

• PRIZE 3 - THE LISTER* Thanks to our friends at Prop Store, a gift card for £250 towards a movie collectable of your choice.

Last updated September 2015