Update on Swift Nest boxes at Conkers

Following the erection of 10 Swift nest boxes in January, LROS and the staff at Conkers have fitted a Swift lure.

This is now running early morning and evening to attract Swifts to nest in the boxes.

Artwork by Andy Mackay has been incorporated into an interpretative panel to explain to the visiting public what is going on above their heads, as they queue to enter Conkers.

If you are visiting Conkers, or are passing the front door, perhaps using the Conkers Trail, please note if any birds are using the boxes and let Peter know at peterwilliams23@btinternet.com - we already know about the Blue Tits in box 4!

Normally it takes 2-3 years to attract new nesting birds but perhaps these boxes will be particularly attractive?

Last updated September 2015