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Book early for the King Richard III Reinterment in Leicester

Advice to visitors thinking of staying overnight for the King Richard III reinterment week is 'book as soon as you can'

Martin Peters, Chief Executive of Leicester Shire Promotions, said: "The reinterment of King Richard III has attracted global interest and significant numbers of visitors - local, national and international - will be coming in to the city and county each day to witness the many events and ceremonies taking place.

"Sunday night is already very busy with only a few rooms available that will sell very quickly. We are pretty much full for the early part of the week with a few rooms towards the end of the week as people are seeming to confirm their plans late. We are operating a ‘bucket shop’ through where people will be able to find and book any last minute rooms that are available.

"The discovery of the King is an amazing story and one that has been experienced by around 250,000 visitors to the Guildhall and King Richard III Visitor Centre exhibitions in the city already. We hope that visitors will continue to come and see how Leicester and Leicestershire have celebrated the history of King Richard III and the many other attractions, events and experiences that we have to offer."

Last updated September 2015