New Family Science Show gets Ministerial Thumbs Up

A new family science show, that tackles how environmental science affects our daily lives, launched at the National Space Centre on Saturday 10 February and in just three days, over 2,200 people have engaged with the show, which will run until 25 February.

Operation Earth helps families and children discover how environmental scientists help us understand our changing planet.

They can see how research over a period of time helps scientists identify patterns of change and how they can investigate and explore their own natural environment.

The show also includes hands on science sessions, including understanding the impact of nurdles. These tiny bits of plastic may sound cute, but in reality, our planets oceans are now accumulating nurdles in worryingly large numbers. Unlike large pieces of plastic marine litter, nurdles are so small that they go largely unnoticed. However, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about their effect on our delicate marine ecosystem.

The Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, Sam Gyimah said: “The UK is a world leader in tackling climate change and through our Industrial and Clean Growth strategies we are committed to the development of low carbon technologies, like electric vehicles and smart energy systems, to improve our quality of life and help protect our planet.

"Operation Earth is a great opportunity for families to see the fantastic impact environmental science has on our lives and to inspire our next generation of world-leading scientists and researchers. I urge families from across the UK to visit their nearest participating science centre, get involved in some of the great activities and see for themselves this vitally important campaign in action.”