March of the Ladybirds - Thursday 22nd October

There was a fabulous turnout for yesterday’s March of the Ladybirds and the beautiful autumn sun shone on us as we stomped, skipped and sang our way around the park.

The procession was headed up by the Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood and the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council, with Pied-Piper style musical accompaniment by Bill Brookman. The Peter and Jane characters were there, too, with their mum and dad and a very well behaved wooden dog.

I’ll never forget seeing the young children clapping and jigging excitedly to the music as they marched, or the scarlet of their costumes picked out against the greens and autumn oranges of the park. Prizes were given to the three children judged by the Mayor to be the best, but really they were all stars.

It was a brilliant, fun event!