Loogabarooga Ladybird March - 22nd October

As I walked into Queen’s Park I saw a crowd full of ladybirds. I could hear children singing and dancing to the one man music band. He looked extremely funny with his drum on his back and bells on his feet. Children of all ages had face paint on their faces and costumes for the ladybird march.

We all started marching with the Mayor and Mayoress to the song of The Grand Old Duke of York around Queen’s Park to the first book bench which was Jane and Peter. The children all enjoyed having their photos taken on the book benches.

Everyone had a great time. We all listened to a story and did actions for a poem which I enjoyed a lot. We ended the ladybird parade with the costume’s competition winners.

The ladybird march was enjoyed by everyone. I rated the event 9 out of 10.

Saima B, aged 7