Peter and the Wolf, Festival Den – Thursday 22nd October

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what watching a movie in a tent in the park was going to be like, but it turned out to be magical.

The evening began with the chance to make a wolf mask as we waited for dark so the film could be projected onto the tent wall. I’m not sure who enjoyed the craft the most – the children or their parents! – but there were some wonderful creations at the end of it (my favourite was a wolf with blue and silver sparkly whiskers).

And then we watched the film – which was truly enchanting. There were some sad bits, some scary bits (it’s about a wolf, after all) and bits which produced some interesting belly laughs from the audience. It made me realise how watching a film on a big screen with a crowd adds something to the enjoyment of it. I thought I knew the story of Peter and the Wolf but the version we watched gave an interesting twist to the story and the ending was really heart-warming.

We left the tent to find the air frosty and a clear, bright moon shining over the park. All of which added to the magic of the evening.

There are other films showing this week – all of them unusual footage rarely seen on the big screen – so I’d highly recommend dressing up in warm clothes and going along to watch.