Ladybird Book Benches

I really like the benches. The one I like the best is Tootles the Taxi and Cinderella as I can read the words on it. My mummy has the Cinderella book and it is exactly the same. I would like benches like them in my school so we can sit on them and read books.
Theo, aged 6

The benches are really cool and they brighten up the town centre. They are better than the benches that were there before. Every time I go into town there are people always looking at them.
Madelyn, aged 8

I love these benches! My favourite is the Peter Rabbit one in Queen's Park near the toilets. I would like these colourful benches to stay as they make the town look pretty and bright. I didn't know that Ladybird Books did a book on Peter Rabbit but I knew they did one on the Elves and the Shoemaker as my mum has one from when she was a kid.
Maisy, aged 7

'They’re awesome, amazing, and beautiful. Just extraordinary.'
Georgia, aged 8

We think they are amazing! It’s interesting to see how books have changed since these Ladybird Books and we think they should replace all the benches in town.
Ebony and Piper, aged 10 and 6