Premium Bottle Shop & Bar launches in Leicester city centre

Shelf of Burleighs GinArtisan Distillers 45 West, producers of Burleighs London Dry Gin, has recently launched the 45 West Bottle Shop & Bar in Leicester city centre. Situated on Hotel Street, they opened to great success in late November.
The ideal city centre location brings 45 West Distillers closer to their customers. In a recent interview, Jamie Baxter, said “I can perch at the end of the bar and see people drinking the gin and we can get first hand feedback from our customers. It’s going to be fantastic!”

The venue is primarily open as a premium spirit retail outlet. The bottle shop will sell Burleighs Gin and other high quality spirits as well as American craft beers and a fantastic selection of cigars.

There is also a specialist wine department overseen by expert Andrew Hill from wine and spirit merchants, George Hill, based in Loughborough. It will be a shop window for 45 West products and allow them to service retailers, bars and restaurants across the city.

The 45 West bar boasts an excellent signature cocktail menu with an eclectic offering of fine wines, craft beers and of course, Burleighs Gin. "We want the bar to have the same atmosphere as the old Vin Quatre bar on King Street – somewhere you would go after work and end up staying all night" Says director Phil Burley.

The venue will also play host to a number of Burleighs Gin, spirit and wine tastings in their private hire room.

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