Space Lates; a late night journey into science, space, and discovery

Space Lates have been created for people who want to know more – those who have an interest in astronomy, space missions, and the exciting research happening here in the UK, around the world, and out in space.

For each Space Lates, the National Space Centre curates a special evening packed with guest speakers, planetarium shows, artefact handling, crafts, and stargazing. Visitors also have the chance to gaze through a telescope with the Leicester Astronomical Society (weather permitting).

This Space Lates will also see a screening of the UK premier of Salyut-7, a 2017 Russian film about a Soviet space station that required a dramatic rescue mission in the 1980s.

Current guest speakers include:

Project Adrift - Explore the secret world of space junk with artists Cath Le Couteur and Nick Ryan as they make the debris orbiting above our heads personal, visible, and audible.

The session includes a screening of ‘Adrift’, a short documentary that explores the troubling, beautiful, dangerous and fascinating world of space junk.

Creativity and Curiosity - Join astrophysicist Martin Barstow and artists Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland to learn more about the current exhibition that celebrates the rich imagery of space and the dynamic forces of the universe.

Explore the art collection yourself, on temporary display in the Space Oddities gallery.

The Biggest Explosions in the Universe - 2017 was a huge year for those that study the biggest explosions in the universe: black hole collisions, neutron star mergers, and the mysterious gamma-ray bursts. For the first time ever, we have detected light and gravitational waves from the very same collision, and Leicester was at the heart of this story.

Find out what gamma-ray bursts are, why we care about gravitational waves, and what’s next for cosmic collisions, from the local scientists that are at the cutting edge of this new frontier.

Astronomy Through Gifs - Astronomy is famous for its stunning photographs of planets, nebulae, galaxies, but we can discover even more about the universe by letting it move. Join Becky Smethurst, University of Nottingham, as she tells the tale of astronomy through gifs.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy

Science Demos
Astronomy Live
Tour of the Night Sky in the UK's largest planetarium
VR Experience

Space Lates

16 March
18:00 – 21:00 (Salyut 7 screening ends at 22:30)