New Family Coaster Spins into Action at Twinlakes Park

Twinlakes family theme park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire shows off its new £4,000,000 family spinning roller coaster attraction, ‘The Rum Runner’, the East Midlands' only family spinning roller coaster which is situated within the Buccaneers Zone inside the 110 acre theme park.

This is just one of the 10 rides and attractions Twinlakes Park has invested in over the last twelve months as part of their 15 year anniversary celebration. The park recently opened a 60ft swing tower ride called The Excalibur and five toddler rides, with more attractions to see over the coming year.

Twinlakes Park opened in 2013 by the Bendall brothers and has stayed at the forefront of family theme parks, investing over £20 million since purchase. Sandy Gyorvari, Regional Park and Marketing Manager has been with the park for over 13 years and has seen it grow from strength to strength: “Here at Twinlakes we continue to research and invest according to public demand, whether that’s events like Peppa Pig or building the UK’s first Easter bunny Grotto or buying a new roller coaster, ‘The Rum Runner’ family twisting roller coaster is a giggle ride. I first tried it a few years ago at a ride convention in America and it has been on my shopping list ever since, you just can’t help laughing and smiling while your on it, it’s such fun and after all that’s what we are here for!”

To book tickets, or for more information about the park, visit or call 01664 567777.