Artisan Cheese Awards 2019

Over 100 cheese makers from across the UK and Ireland competed for this year’s Supreme Champion award at the Artisan Cheese Awards 2019.


Over 400 entries from across the British Isles were judged at St Mary’s Church (also home to the British Pie Awards). More than 100 of these cheeses were produced by 25 of the top Irish artisan cheese makers, a record for the Artisan Cheese Awards.

A number of the winners and entrants from this year’s Artisan Cheese Awards were present at the Artisan Cheese Fair held at Melton Livestock Market in May 2019.

Organiser of the awards, Matthew O’Callaghan from the Melton Mowbray Food Partnership, said: “I’m really delighted to have had so many of Ireland’s incredible cheeses coming over here for the awards and the fair. However, there are a lot of award-winning cheeses produced in the UK as well, from the tip of Scotland right down to Cornwall.”


For more details about the awards see the website of The Fine Cheese Co.