Bosworth 1485

About the project

Bosworth1485 is an ambitious project. In 2012 the mortal remains of Richard III’s body were exhumed from under a car park in Leicester and in 2015 reinterred in the cathedral. This took the form of a funeral cortège beginning at the newly identified core battlefield site, then weaving its way through the wider battle landscape before arriving at Leicester Cathedral.

The cortège put a spotlight on this piece of countryside and its villages for one day. But that media attention plus the new archaeology suggested the possibility of raising the profile of the area more permanently. During a tourism planning session managed by Leicestershire Promotions during 2016, the desire for those communities to have their stories told on a more permanent basis was set as a challenge and it was then that the idea of an historically themed art trail was put forward.

Driven by a dynamic and committed partnership of Leicestershire Promotions, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council and key stakeholders, great progress has been made. Click on the tabs on the right to discover the whole story, or dip in and out of the parts that interest you most.'

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Bosworth 1485