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Marketing Opportunities with Leicester Shire Promotions

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The official visitor website for Leicester and Leicestershire has had a facelift!  It's got new and exciting functionality so take advantage of the initiatives that are available for your business and sign up to the following opportunities.

Bradgate Park

Enhance your entry with more text and images and boost the number of times your entry is seen by visitors across the site OR remain with a basic entry.

To purchase an enhanced entry simply follow the link to our online payment system. We will get in touch with you to ensure that you take full advantage of the enhancements that are available. Don't forget to take a look at the other opportunities that are available to enhanced entries and complete the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest.

To renew your basic entry, complete the form at the bottom of this page with a description of your business which will appear on your entry on GoLeicestershire.

Basic Entry

There is no charge for a basic entry on the website. A basic entry will give you:

  • Your business name and address, telephone number
  • Brief description
  • Quality award logos
  • Access to Guestlink to update your own details and add events


Enhanced Entry
£100 plus vat pa

  • Name of business, address, telephone number
  • Email and web link
  • Eight images
  • Unlimited text
  • Social media links and video links
  • FREE access to the Leicester and Leicestershire industry pass
  • Access to stats
  • Access to Guestlink to update your own details and add events
  • Bookability
  • Eshop



For businesses that sign up for an enhanced entry there are more opportunities to take advantage of.  Tick the boxes in the form below to sign up for more information about these initiatives. 

Industry Pass

Would you like to increase the number of visitors at your venue? Take part in this pilot project and gain more local ambassadors to help promote your business and 'spread the word'. Improve local knowledge by tourism partners and help them feel confident in recommending your venue to visitors.

  • Offer free admission to tourism providers in Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Stipulate your terms and conditions
  • Log into Guestlink to monitor the passes redeemed at your venue

Visitor Survey

Promote this initiative to discover what visitors enjoyed about your venue and our destination. The Leicester and Leicestershire Visitor Survey will identify the visitors' highlights and offer feedback on what they may like to see improved.

  • Encourage your visitors to complete the online survey
  • Display our promotional postcards
  • Add a link from your website to the online survey
  • Results from the survey will be shared with all participants


Read the terms and conditions of the Quality Charter and complete the form below.

Leicestershire Quality Charter – Proud to be a Quality Tourism Partner

All tourism related businesses are eligible for a free entry on the website, the official tourism website for Leicestershire. Businesses that wish to appear on the website can apply for an entry providing they are willing to comply with the Charter below.

Businesses that sign up, on an annual basis, to the Charter will be eligible to display the logo for the Charter on their websites, in print and at welcome points at their venue.

It must be noted that Leicester Shire Promotions reserves the right to refuse applications and its decision is final with no further communication being entered into. Furthermore, should a business be found to be failing in complying with this agreement, or found to be attracting negative publicity through social media, TripAdvisor etc, all promotion will cease. A venue must cease use of and display of the provided marketing collateral immediately if requested to do so by Leicester Shire Promotions Ltd, or on expiry.

To be promoted on GoLeicestershire and/or purchase advertising for your tourism business on and related websites, in our print publications and in our tourism marketing campaigns, we ask that you agree to the 8 point charter below:

  1. Support the positive promotion of Leicestershire - To ensure the positive promotion of Leicestershire to our visitors and work positively and proactively with the Leicester Shire Promotions Team to promote the destination.
  2. Welcome - To provide a warm, professional, courteous and friendly welcome to all visitors regardless of gender, race, religion etc.
  3. Customer Satisfaction - To have a clear and available statement on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction; to ensure that any issues that may arise from customer feedback are resolved by prompt, professional and polite action using an effective action plan.
  4. Quality & Standards - To ensure good standards of appropriate facilities, maintenance and cleanliness.
  5. Information - To ensure all information is accurate and up to date and is readily available to visitors, especially with regard to pricing, cancellation policy, taxes and payment, and packaged items [example cancellation policies are available on].
  6. Accessibility - To ensure services and facilities are available to all visitors regardless of disability; to fully assist visitors with specific needs, in order to maximise enjoyment of their visit; to work towards producing an access statement for your venue [example access statements are available on].
  7. Legal Requirements - To fulfil all relevant legal obligations and responsibilities [including but not exclusive to: fire precautions, display orders, food safety/hygiene, licensing, health and safety, discrimination, trade descriptions, data protection, Hotel Proprietors Act, etc] and maintain adequate insurance cover.
  8. Sustainability - To manage your business in a way that supports the natural environment; to minimise carbon footprint; to actively source and encourage the use of local produce, businesses and shops where reasonable.


Complete the form below and a member of the Leicester Shire Promotions marketing team will contact you.
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I comply with the Leicestershire Quality Charter*

Great Days Out 2017 Advertising

To book your advert in this year's Great Days Out brochure complete the following booking form:

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