Awards for Great Central Railway

Self-assessed Accessibility Information

Self-assessed Accessibility Information provides a list of available facilities and services, highlighted as being of key importance by disabled people.  Along with Access Statements, which provide a fuller written description of accessibility, it can help people with access needs make an informed choice as to whether accommodation, attractions, food & drink or shopping establishments meet their needs.

Self-Assessed Accessibility Details


  • YesDesignated parking provided for guests with disabilities
    • YesWithin 50 metres approx. of entrance
  • Surface of the car park and pathway leading to entrance is:
    • YesSolid ie tarmac / concrete etc
  • Route from the parking area to the entrance:
    • YesFlat (ie without steps)
    • YesRamp


  • YesLevel access (no steps/thresholds) or access by ramp or lift to restaurant / cafe
  • YesLevel access (ie no steps or thresholds), or access by ramp or lift to the toilets
  • Restaurant / cafe provide meals for visitors with special dietary requirements:
    • YesSugar free (diabetic)
    • YesGluten free (coeliacs)
    • YesLactose free (dairy free)
    • YesVegetarian
    • YesVegan
  • YesHigh chairs for children
  • YesChildren's menu


  • YesRamp to entrance


  • GCR strive to provide safe access to all visitors of all abilities. Heritage vehicles and stations were built in an historic time where this consideration wasn’t taken and whilst we continue our efforts to overcome this we do have to have restrictions in place to ensure the safety of all our visitors at all times. For full details, please call Loughborough Booking Office on 01509 632323. A brief summary of notes is below, but these are concise. Changes to the below and/or up-to-date information will be known by the Booking Office and can be event-specific and/or unique to the needs of the individual(s) visiting. Car Parking Leicester North: dropped kerbs Quorn & Woodhouse Station & Rothley Station: level kerb-free access and designated disabled parking spaces. Loughborough Station: 2 disabled parking bays; regrettably the Highways Authority has placed these bays adjacent to dropped kerbs. Car to Station Leicester North Station & Rothley Station: paved and level wheelchair-friendly access to the platforms from the parking areas. Quorn & Woodhouse Station: gravelled access from the car park – wheelchair users may need an assistant. Quorn & Woodhouse Station & Rothley Station: platform ramps are a bit stepper than modern ramps. An assistant may be needed. Loughborough Station: lift from street-level to platform-level. Loughborough, Quorn & Woodhouse & Rothley Stations: stairs from street to platform. Not suitable for wheelchair use. NOTE: The wooden slope attached to the surface of the stairs to one side of the staircase at Loughborough is a preserved relic and was historically used to get bicycles and mail bags down to platform level. It is NOT for use by wheelchairs or for any person(s) under any circumstances and use of this ramp by any person is strictly prohibited. Getting on the Train All stations and trains carry portable ramps for safe access by wheelchairs. NOTE: during off-peak times Quorn, Rothley and Leicester North stations may be unmanned, so assistance should be sought from the on-train staff. Although a small number of trains have specific accommodation suitable for less-able travellers, not all do. It is advised that a call to the booking office should be made to enquire which train carries this facility. The design of heritage stock has narrow aisles and corridors, so wheelchair access is not possible to travel through the train. Wheelchair access to board the train is available via a ramp into the guard’s van. From there, those who are able to move (either aided or unaided) over a small distance should then be able to access the rest of the train into a seated area of the carriage. Station Building Access Loughborough, Quorn & Woodhouse, Rothley Stations: level wheelchair access to the station buildings. Leicester North Station: no access at present into the station buildings, but this is being looked into. Access can be made by those who can move over small distances or by wheelchair users with an assistant or carer. Toilets All Stations & Cafés have easy-access toilet facilities. No easy access toilet facilities on trains Cafés and Restaurants The Platform Café at Greenacres (Leicester North), Ellis’s Tearoom (Rothley), Butler-Henderson (Quorn) and the Refreshment Room (Loughborough): all wheelchair-friendly access. Table design and layout varies at each location. Please ask a member of catering staff should you need assistance. NOTE: Ellis’s Tearoom at Rothley has a lift to get to floor level due to its elevated position. Dining Trains, Buffet Car & Refreshment Services Due to the historic design we are unable to provide access to specific wheelchair spaces on our refreshment-services, including our dining trains. The design of heritage stock has narrow aisles and corridors, so wheelchair access is not possible inside the train. Wheelchair access is possible via a ramp into the guard’s van and those who are able to move (either aided or unaided) over small distances should then be able to access the rest of the train into a seated area of the carriage. All dining trains have to be pre-booked so please ask any questions at the time of booking. Other Attractions at the Railway For ALL queries regarding access to any part of Great Central Railway including information for visitors of all ages and abilities, please contact the Booking Office at Loughborough. These notes are intended as a guide only and changes will not be updated here regularly. Please use these notes as they are intended, which is to guide and assist in planning ahead, but we reiterate for all firm and up-to-date information, contact us directly on 01509 632323.