My Shortlist

Throughout this website you can add places to stay, attractions, activities, restaurants, and events that interest you to a shortlist. You can then easily print and share your list with friends. Use our guide below to see how to plan your visit.

Shortlist Guide

Add To Shortlist

Edit Shortlist

Use the Plan my visit button to view and edit your shortlist

View shortlist

Delete items from your shortlist at any time

Delete item

Clear all items from your shortlist to start again

Clear shortlist

Print Shortlist brochure

brochureWhen you have completed your shortlist, go to the Plan my visit page and use the Print shortlist button

Print shortlist

This will create a pdf version of your shortlist which you can then print out, or save to your computer and send to your friends.

My shortlist

As you browse click on this symbol to add entries to your shortlist.

The print shortlist button generates a printable PDF showing full details of each entry in your shortlist.

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