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Whitwick Historical Group is based at the Old Station Building in Whitwick.  The group houses a large collection of resources which are available to members and non-members of the group.

Resources include photographs, maps, documents and artefacts and our media room provides access to microfiche, census returns, CDs etc.  All these resources can be used by family history researchers as well as people that are interested in the history and heritage of the area, and experienced friendly experts are always on hand to help you.

The group enjoys an enviable reputation for producing its own publications, it arranges public talks on local heritage topics, produces a quarterly newsletter and annual calendar and presents regular exhibitions on national topics as well as local issues.  Come and see us to discuss how we can help you with your research.  Perhaps you have some old photographs that you would like the group to place in its archive?

Take a look at the resources we offer and call in to see us - we'll be pleased to see you.

Whitwick Historical Group wins Award at Leicestershire and Rutland Heritage Awards April 2014

'Best Event/Exhibition on a Shoe String'
Awards presentation

A History of Whitwick in Thirty Objects

The exhibition was a celebration of Whitwick Historical Group’s 30th anniversary. Held on one day in Whitwick Methodist Church Hall, thirty diverse objects were chosen to represent Whitwick’s unique history. Each artefact was displayed with accompanying information. Thirteen other local heritage and community groups added exhibitions and provided stands at the exhibition. Over 450 visitors attended the exhibition. The exhibition cost only £300 to deliver. The group deployed a wide range of marketing activities to publicise the exhibition.


Forthcoming Projects

One of our major projects for the first half of 2014 is to produce a Village Walk for Whitwick which will include sites of historical interest.

We hope to pull together research and ideas to create a viable and interesting walk. Our objective is to produce an illustrated leaflet which will include details of the walk and information about significant sites in Whitwick.

What’s more, we need to have this completed by the end of June.

How can you help?

Completing this project is a new venture for the team at the Old Station. Why not get involved with something that will add to our resources and be beneficial for Whitwick?

• If you enjoy walking and looking at buildings and landscapes, this could be “right up your street”.
• Perhaps you have a flair for design and could help with the layout of a leaflet, including presenting sketch maps or illustrations.
• You may have photographs or information about older buildings in Whitwick which could be useful.
• Maybe you are fairly new to the area. This could be a great way to get to know the village.

Any contributions will be gratefully received.

To find out more: Call in at The Old Station, North Street, Whitwick. We are open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon, and on Tuesday evenings 7 – 9 pm.


Research Projects

Did you work in Whitwick?

We are researching businesses and trades in Whitwick and would like to hear from anyone who has worked in Whitwick

We want to hear your stories, how long did you work, how did you get to work, what the working conditions were like etc.

Do you have any artefacts, paperwork, relating to Whitwick businesses.

Living in Whitwick

We would like to interview older residents who have lived all or most of their lives in Whitwick.

We want to know what life was like, where did you shop, work, how did you travel, what were the houses like (many now demolished)

If you or a member of your family would be willing to be interviewed, please get in touch with us.

We want to hear your stories and record them before it is too late and a way of life disappears.


The History of the Village of Whitwick

The village of Whitwick is located in North West Leicestershire.  Read a brief history of the village.


Researching Your Family History

Are you researching your family history?  Call in or make an appointment to come & see us. 


The History of Whitwick Colliery

Read a brief history about how coal mining has played a large part in the history of Whitwick. 

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Special Projects
Past &

Read about some of the projects that we're working on at the moment.  Could you help us?


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Whitwick Historical

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