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Conferences@GoLeicestershire Testimonials

Over the past few years Leicester Shire Promotions have attracted a number of high-profile conferences and events in to Leicester.

To find more about what the conference and event experience is like, and what support you would receive from the Conferences@GoLeicestershire team, see a small selection of testimonials below.

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"In July 2016 the University of Leicester hosted an international conference of media and communication researchers on campus and using the facilities of the De Montfort Hall. The conference was a great success on academic, financial and social levels attracting around 1300 delegates from around the world.

Organising such a high profile, large scale and complex event required building a strong team to manage different aspects of the work of planning, organising and hosting the conference and meeting the needs of the delegates. A key part of the management of this project was the building of a strong team with professionals from many fields including events management, catering, IT, estates and so on both from departments within the University of Leicester and external agencies who were able take on important roles.

Leicester Shire Promotions was a key partner at all stages of the conference from the initial bid to planning and delivery of the conference. Leicester Shire Promotions provided vital information for the conference bid, managed hotel and train bookings for conference delegates, developing and managing social tours and hosting an information desk as part of the conference Hub. The work of Leicester Shire Promotions was critical to attracting, and the delivery of, a successful conference and complemented the work of the academic and administrative teams from the University.

A key part of this was the willingness of Leicester Shire Promotions to be part of our local organising committee and thereby to become a key advisor and decision maker for the project as a whole in addition to providing high quality support services for the conference."

Peter Lunt, Professor of Media and Communication

Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester

"Leicester Shire Promotions presented a bid to host the UKinbound Annual Convention 2015 and it was a huge success.

Firstly the bid received from the team at Leicester was incredibly detailed. It included several options of venues as well as two familiarisation trip options.

From that document, it was obvious that this team were organised, thorough and efficient.

The first site visit confirmed our thinking and it didn't take us long to confirm Leicester as our host city...."




Amy O'Donovan, Event Organiser


Mike Cherry, FSB UK policy chairman, said he and fellow delegates had been impressed by the city.

He said: "I think there was a buzz around the conference and members enjoyed having big-name politicians come along.

"We enjoyed having it in Leicester, it was fantastic."

David Nicholls, FSB chairman of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, said: "This is a big thing for the city and a major showcase for us. There are many people who are visiting here who have never been here before.

"It will show what we can do and the great facilities we have here.

"We have been preparing for three years to bring this together. I would like to thank Leicester Shire Promotions and Leicester City Council for their help."