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Loughborough Bike and Trike Show

Bikes and Trikes

The Loughborough Bike and Trike Show takes place on Sunday 20th May

The Loughborough Bike And Trike Show is back for 2018.  On Sunday 20th May the Market Place will be filled with bikes and trikes of all descriptions. Along with live music why not make a day of it?


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To book your vehicle in the show complete your details below after reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.





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Privacy Policy

By registering to the event I agree to the following:

- That my vehicle will be parked on the show area before 9.55am and cannot be moved until 4.00pm to comply with the Council's moving vehicle policy on pedestrianised areas.

- That my vehicle is my responsibility, including all contents within.

- That this show is to share our passion for bikes and trikes with the public and so they may not understand the etiquette of careful viewing of vehicles. I understand that Love Loughborough will not be roping off areas and although there will be event marshals on call to support, it is my responsibility to keep a watch on my vehicle and fellow owners vehicles.

- I have adequate and correct insurance in place to take part in this event.

- That if my vehicle likes to dribble... I will place some cardboard underneath so to not mark the town centre paving!

- That my details will be held on a database for further events. This information will not be shared with third parties, but I can contact the organiser to be removed from this list.